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Certificate/M.S. in Education for Healthcare Professionals


Graduate Program in Education for Healthcare Professionals

The purpose of the Graduate Program in Education for Healthcare Professionals (EDHP) is to provide the training necessary to produce effective leaders in health professions education. Accordingly, the program recruits health professionals who have, or are preparing for, educational leadership positions but who lack formal training in education and/or leadership.

If you have an interest in our program please review our website, program flyer and brochure.  

Downloadable PDF version Program flyer

Downloadable PDF version Program brochure

Due to its on-line nature, this program does not fulfill the “full-course of study” requirement, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security,  for international students on F-1 or J-1 visas.  At Texas A&M University Health Science Center a full course of study is defined as 12 credit hours for undergraduate and 9 credit hours for graduate including Ph.D. students. For F-1 or J-1 students, regulations permit only one course or three credit hours of on-line/distance learning class per semester to count toward the full-course study requirement.  All other hours must be taken in a “normal” classroom environment. The on-line design of the EDHP program does not make this requirement possible. For more information please contact the Office of International Services at intsrvc@tamhsc.edu.

Master of Science in Education for Healthcare Professionals

This program will provide the opportunity for individuals to develop the background and skills necessary to be excellent teachers in their areas of specialty and conduct research to improve and develop innovative educational programs in health professions education.  The interdisciplinary Master of Science degree will provide greater access to faculty and students, as well as clinicians and healthcare professionals, who have an interest in academia.  Multiple online courses and an interprofessional approach makes the M.S. degree unique.  Graduates of the program help satisfy the need for qualified teaching faculty in medicine, nursing, dental and dental hygiene schools across the country.

Certificate in Education for Healthcare Professionals

In addition to the M.S. degree, the Graduate Program in Education of Healthcare Professionals also offers a Certificate program for students who may wish to expand their knowledge of teaching and curriculum development.  The Certificate program is an intermediary step within the EDHP program and can be applied to the M.S. if a student wishes to pursue the advanced degree in the future.

How to Apply

Fall admission deadline:      April 1, 2014

(Please note: The ApplyTexas application and all required documents are due on the admission deadline date you are applying.)

To apply for the Certificate or M.S. program please submit a Texas Common Application through ApplyTexas.

Please visit the Office of Research and Graduate Studies website for a list required documents. 

Tuition Grant Information

The EDHP tuition grant is a grant of up to $400 per 3 hour core education course available to any HSC faculty or staff member pursuing either a certificate or an M.S. degree in the EDHP program. 
Successful applicants must:

  • Be admitted to the program with no restrictions.
  • Date of submission for the Fall semester is April 1, 2014 5:00pm central time.
    (All questions must be answered for an application to be considered.)
  • Be employed by the TAMHSC for at least 12 months prior to application for grant funds.
  • Be employed in a position that will enable them to provide direct benefit to HSC students as a result of completing the degree. 
  • Complete the supplemental application questions and submit them when applying for the EDHP program.


Please contact Student Business Services for questions and information concerning tuition and fees.


If you have questions please review our FAQ or contact:
Courtney West, PhD
Assistant Director, Teaching in Medical Education
Director, Education for Healthcare Professionals