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Rolland L. Doubleday, Jr.

Rolland Doubleday

Entry Year: 2008
Currently: G2
Email Address: doubleday@medicine.tamhsc.edu
Undergraduate: Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology, BS Engineering Science, Systems and Controls, 1994
Graduate: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1995; Mechanical Engineer's Degree, 1998
Research Interests: Adaptive close-loop control for anesthesia application, application of digital signal processing (DSP), medical image-processing and space physiology and modeling

Abstracts and Presentations:

  • Thompson, J, R. Doubleday, and T. Sheridan. A Computer-guided System for the Accurate Placement of Thoracic Acoustical Devices. 23rd Annual Conference of the International Lung Sounds Association. Boston MA. 1998.
  • Sheridan, T, J. Thompson, and R. Doubleday. An Intelligent Cardiopulmonary System for the Home Health Market. Home Health Care Consortium, d’Arbeloff Laboratory for Information Systems and Technology. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1998.


  • Yang, B-H, R. Doubleday, and H. Asada. Robot Impedance Synthesis Based on Logical Task Description and Progressive Learning. ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. 1996.
  • Doubleday, R. "A Control System for a Testhead Manipulator"; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1995.
  • Doubleday, R. "A System Level Design for Object Location and Identification in Unstructured Environments"; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1998.