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Student Research Opportunities


The combined M.D. and Ph.D. program (medical science scholar program) is the most significant research experience a medical student can have. But it is not the only significant experience a medical student can have. Many summer and "year-off" research training programs have been developed that allow a medical student to either stay at the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine or move to a different location. The programs listed below are all remarkably similar; they vary based upon the source of funding, the location, whether or not they have didactic training components, and whether or not they require you to have identified a mentor/project before you apply. Below is a list of both summer and several "year-off" programs. They are all established, extremely well funded and well worth consideration by all medical students who may have an interest in basic science, clinical or translational research training.

Summer Research Opportunities


Year-off Research Opportunities



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