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Academic Affairs


Jeremy Gibson, MD
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

About Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is dedicated to serving the educational infrastructure, students and faculty of the College of Medicine by offering expert resources and support.

Bryan-College Station Academic Affairs

Rania Cannaday, MD
Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs, Pre-Clerkship
Phone: 979.436.0578

Robert Milman, MD
Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs,Clinical
Phone: 979.436.0540 or 512.341.4922

Crystal Perkkio
Administrative Coordinator II
Phone: 979.436.0226

Debbie Lynn
Director, Academic Operations and Staff
Phone: 979.436.0971

Danielle Dickey, EdD
Director, Educational Affairs and Accreditation
Phone: 979.436.0224

Gloria Conover, PhD
Director, Medical Student Research
Phone: 979.436.0215

James Dubuisson
Instructional Technology Specialist
Phone: 979.436.0565

Selena Mares
Program Assistant
Phone: 979.436.0534

Erin Herbrich
Program Manager
Phone: 979.436.0648 or 512.341.4918

Bryan-College Station Pre-Clerkship Administration Team

Dennis LaCaze
Program Manager
Phone: 979.436.0938

Cali Harper
Program Coordinator I
Phone: 979.436.0538

Kaitlyn Rogers
Program Coordinator I
Phone: 979.436.0227

Courtney Guest
Program Coordinator I
Phone: 979.436.9114

Patricia White
Program Coordinator I
Phone: 979.436.0535

Diane Svatek
Program Assistant
Phone: 979.436.0566

Dallas Pre-Clerkship Team

Jennifer Trimbell
Program Coordinator I
Phone: 214.818.1699

Nemika Meely
Program Coordinator I
Phone: 214.818.6497

Round Rock Pre-Clerkship Team

Jody Ping
Program Coordinator I
Phone: 512.341.4997

Temple Pre-Clerkship Team

Lindsey Goodnight
Program Coordinator I
Phone: 254.724.6190

Breana Anderson-Stone
Program Coordinator I
Phone: 254.724.2548