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College of Medicine Strategic Plan


Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of the people of Texas and beyond through excellence in education, research and health care delivery.


Rural Population Health
The College of Medicine brings health care where it’s needed most. Through our keen focus on rural populations and innovative care delivery, the college eliminates health disparities through Texas.

Military Medicine
The College of Medicine honors Texas A&M University’s rich military legacy. Through our unique relationship with the military academies and veteran populations, the college improves the lives of military members and their families.

Innovation Through Engineering
The College of Medicine makes the impossible, possible—by creating systems and technologies that address health care’s greatest challenges and bringing together the brightest minds in health care and engineering.

Focus Areas

Education Goals

Medical education is the thread that creates a singular vision for future and current students, researchers, alumni and practicing physicians. By impacting education and training at all levels, the Texas A&M College of Medicine fosters achievement of career goals and the transformation of health care. Our curriculum brings flexibility and individualization to the education process to create lifelong learners and bring better health care to all.

  1. To create purposeful, student-focused integrated instruction
  2. To create adaptive thinkers and adaptive learners
  3. To form a reciprocal learning environment that supports student and educator relationships and intra-faculty relationships
  4. To initiate discovery that leads to new solutions, especially for diverse populations
  5. To develop professionalism in the learning environment and to promote clinical excellence and foster humanism and professionalism, centered on the Aggie core values

Clinical Goals

The clinical setting is the most immediate avenue for the College of Medicine to fulfill our purpose of providing transformative care to Texans. Through a structure utilizing our own clinical sites and a select group of clinical affiliates, we provide excellent educational settings for our faculty, students and residents to learn and practice.

  1. To achieve College of Medicine financial success sufficient to support future growth and vitality
  2. To improve health care values for Texans
  3. To create a patient-centered clinical character for the Health Science Center, including College of Medicine

Research Goals

Research and scholarly activities are essential for critical thinking and problem solving and serve as the foundation for lifelong learning. The College of Medicine works tirelessly to break down barriers to discover new ways to understand medical science, disease and how we approach treatment through innovative technologies. From bench to bedside, we practice collaborative research and entrepreneurial approaches.

  1. To embed a structured research and scholarly activities program throughout the entire undergraduate medical curriculum
  2. To train our students to become thought leaders in medical and biomedical research by aligning research training programs with core strengths and areas of excellence
  3. To develop programs within research that align with College of Medicine priorities and leverage existing strengths across the college and other Texas A&M colleges
  4. To engage in research programs that have demonstrable impact on biosciences and human health

Community Goals

The Core Values of Texas A&M are the foundation of how the College of Medicine approaches education, patient treatment and research. These values guide us in creating an inclusive and positive environment for our stakeholders (faculty, staff, students, patients and community partners). We engage in participatory activities promoting a culture of excellence, organizational effectiveness and performance improvement.

  1. To promote a culture of excellence, professionalism, diversity and inclusion for stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, patients and community partners)
graphic showing components of the strategic plan, full text below
  • Core values
    • excellence
    • integrity
    • leadership
    • loyalty
    • respect
    • selfless service

Faculty, staff and students can view the detailed strategic plan via the intranet.