"Hey, even though Johnny Manziel is extremely athletic, even he had to change how he practiced and worked out when he went from high school football to college football and he had a lot of help from coaches making those adjustments. Medical school is no different. No matter how smart or capable we are as students, we have changes that need to be made for us to be successful on this next level and this office can help you make the adjustments."
DK-Class of 2015

"Dr. Hairrell was a huge part of my success during my M2 year. She helped me learn how to take notes and study in a way that worked for me. After working with her on concept mapping, my anxiety level before tests was greatly reduced. Before that I went into test overwhelmed and anxious. Through the system she encouraged me to use, I felt ready for tests."
SD-Class of 2015

"Changed my life around with the advice given. Thank You. Highly recommend it."
--Class of 2015

"Dr. Hairrell's academic support nurtured my confidence and gave me great tools to comfortably drink from the 'fire hydrant' of the M1 year. Though it took a while for me to integrate her process into my life, she was right from the beginning. I now have a plan and I'm ready to take on the M2 year. Make many appointments."
KG--Class of 2016

"Dr. Hairrell was one of the first people who helped me realize that a good doctor is one who gets help when they need it — when you work this hard and are climbing up such a steep ladder, getting insight into your study skills is just another tool in your toolbox to help you reach your dreams. Good luck to you all."
SN-Class of 2014