General Information and Scheduling

Planning and Preparation

Preparing for Step 2 CK is not as intensive as preparing for Step 1. However, it does involve some planning and work. Most importantly, use what you learned about yourself as a learner during your Step 1 preparation to guide your planning for Step 2. Allow two to four weeks to prepare for Step 2 CK. Don't forget about Step 2 CS. Be sure to review the practice materials to assure you know what is expected.

Here is a typical study plan that can be customized to your needs. Feel free to contact Dr. Angie Hairrell for help in creating your customized study plan.

Sample 4-Week Study Plan

Day 1+2. Psychiatry+Biostats+Ethics.

Day 3. IM-Endocrine.

Day 4. Neuro+Ophtho.

Day 5. Cardio.

Day 6. Pulmonary

Day 7. Renal

Day 8. MSK = Rheum+Ortho

Day 9. Heme/Onc

Day 10. GI

Day 11. GI

Day 12. ID

Day 13. ID

Day 14. Derm

Day 15. EM+Surgery

Day 16. EM+Surgery

Day 17. OB/Gyn

Day 18. OB/Gyn

Day 19. OB/Gyn

Day 20. Peds

Day 21. Peds

Day 22. Self-Test using qbank questions or a practice exam from the NBME website

Day 23. Rapid Review of everything in +catchup+more practice questions if time permits

Day 24. Full-length Test (9 blocks) – try to simulate actual test condition as much as possible

Day 25. Cramming Day 1-Re-read for Psych, Endo, Neuro, Cards, then practice Q’s

Day 26. Cramming Day 2- Re-read for Pulm, Renal, MSK, Heme/Onc, GI, then practice Q’s

Day 27. Cramming Day 3- Re-read for ID, Derm, Surg, EM, then practice Q’s

Day 28. Cramming Day 4- Re-read for OB/Gyn, Peds, then practice Q’s

Day 29. Last Day of studying- Finish all unfinished USMLE World question, if you haven’t already (you should have). Try to skim through resources again. Relax, and have a good night’s sleep.

Day 30. Take the test.

Commercial Review Courses

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