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LCME Accreditation


Major 2018-2020 Deadlines

Texas A&M College of Medicine LCME accreditation timeline

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Timeline description

Institutional Self-Study (ISS)

  1. July through October of 2018: ISS task force and subcommittees are formed/oriented
  2. November 2018 through February 2019: Subcommittees meet to perform self-study
  3. April through June 2019: Subcommittee reports are due to the task force
  4. March 2019 through February 2020: Institutional changes/CQI monitoring based on recommendations will be addressed

Independent Student Analysis (ISA)

  1. July 2018: ISA team develops survey instrument
  2. August through September 2018: The survey is opened
  3. October through November 2018: The ISA report is submitted to the ISS task force
  4. July through August 2019: An ISA mini-survey takes place

Data Collection Instrument (DCI)

  1. July through December 2018: The task force completes an initial draft of the DCI
  2. March through mid-November 2019: The DCI review and updates take place
  3. December 2019 through February 2020: The final updates/revisions prior to site visit take place

2020 Site Visit

  1. July 2018: Kick-off takes place
  2. July through August 2019: Mock visits take place
  3. November 2019 through January 2020: Site visit prep takes place
  4. November 2019: Survey package is submitted
  5. February 2020: LCME site visit