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College of Medicine Updates

As you know, we have an upcoming LCME accreditation visit in 2020.  Some of you may have served on an LCME subcommittee and worked on answering the self-study questions and providing feedback and recommendations from a faculty or staff perspective.  As part of LCME preparation, we will have a mock LCME visit this July.  In order to prepare you for the mock visit, as well as the official visit, we will be sending a series of communications to provide information that will be helpful to you during these visits. 

One of the major changes involved the medical education program objectives that our students must achieve upon completion of the medical program.  Formerly these were competency based learning objectives (CBLOs), and they have been revamped using the core competencies described by the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) along with the AAMC Core Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs). These objectives are now the medical education program objectives (MEPOs).

  • If you attended the Fall 2018 CCD meeting in Round Rock, you may have received a MEPO card and worked on updating your syllabi to include MEPOs instead of the CBLOs
  • New faculty members will be required to complete the Intro to Pre-Clerkship/Intro to Clerkship modules, which include the MEPOs, during orientation
  • New clinical evaluation forms are being used and all other evaluation forms will also be updated to track student achievement of MEPOs