Year Before Intended Enrollment
January - April
  MCAT administered across the nation (preferred dates)
  May 1 TMDSAS application opens at 8 a.m. CT
Secondary application opens at 8 a.m. CT
  June 1 TMDSAS begins the processing of completed applications and supporting materials
College of Medicine begins the processing of secondary applications
  Review of primary and secondary applications begins
  Interview period begins. Interviews conducted in Bryan and Temple
August - September
  Interview period continues
  Oct. 1 Deadline for submitting primary and secondary applications; 5 p.m. CT
Deadline for receipt of all supporting documents and fees
  Oct. 15 Acceptance offers to non-Texas residents, MD/PhD candidates and Early Assurance students
  Nov. 15 Pre-match acceptance offers to Texas residents
  Interviewing period ends
Additional offers of acceptance made as needed
  Dec. 31 Last day for the TMDSAS participating medical schools to make pre-match offers of acceptance to Texas residents
Year of Intended Enrollment
  Jan. 2 Financial Aid process begins via the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  Jan. 18 Deadline for applicants to submit their match preference rank list for schools at which they interviewed
Deadline for medical schools to submit their rank lists for the TMDSAS Match
  Feb. 1 TMDSAS Match is conducted to fill any remaining positions in the class
Offers of acceptance emailed
  Feb. 15 Alternate list formed
Accepted applicants rank campus tracks
  Accepted applicants notified of campus designation
Matriculation materials mailed to accepted applicants
  April 30 Final notice to accepted applicants who hold one or more places at other medical schools
  Additional mailings to accepted students
  June 1 Last day to make offers of acceptance to alternates holding acceptances at other Texas medical schools
  Mid-Late July Orientation, registration and first day of classes for incoming students