To be eligible for admission into the PPC Program, you MUST reside in a rural, or medically underserved, or primary care, or health professional shortage area as defined by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Please visit the HRSA website to verify your eligibility based on your residency.

The EY2018 PPC Application will be available via our Application Portal on Dec. 1. Make sure to submit your application once you have completed it.

Required Forms

The following two forms must be completed, scanned and mailed to Ms. Betty Geiger at geiger@medicine.tamhsc.edu. Please provide each evaluator a copy of the Evaluation Form to submit with their letter.

Application Timeline

  • Filing of Application

    • Earliest Date to file: Dec. 1 - year preceding expected college enrollment
    • Deadline Date to file: Feb. 1 - year of expected college enrollment


  • Letters of Recommendation


    Evaluation Forms and Letters of Recommendation must be emailed by Feb. 1.

    Letters must be emailed with the Evaluation Form. If necessary, please make additional copies of the form.


    A minimum of two letters of recommendation are required.

    For High School students:

    The letters can be from teachers, counselors, school administrators and employers. Additional letters may be emailed from professors of college courses you have taken and any physicians you have shadowed.

    For College students:

    The letters must be from college professors, one preferably from a science professor. Additional letters may be emailed from physicians you have shadowed, supervisors of community service activities you have participated in and employers.


    Letters should focus on the following:
    • Familiarity with you as a student and person (how known, how long, and how well known)
    • Special strengths and weaknesses, any inconsistent aspects of academic record, ability to do independent work, extracurricular activities including employment, any unusual life circumstances or compelling factors, and overall suitability for the program.

    Other Considerations

    All letters of evaluation must be written on official school or business letterhead and emailed to Ms. Betty Geiger at geiger@medicine.tamhsc.edu. Each letter must contain the evaluator’s name, title, address, phone number and signature.

    A letter of evaluation is considered confidential unless you have arranged with the evaluator to retain the right of access to the letter of evaluation.

  • Transcripts

    When submitting application, Un-Official High School and College Transcripts must be emailed by Feb. 1.

    If accepted, official transcript of academic work from high school and all colleges attended must be sent directly to the College of Medicine Office of Admissions from your high school and/or college. The transcripts must be certified with the official seal of the school and/or the signature of the school’s registrar.


  • Personal Interviews

    April-year preceding expected college enrollment

    Applicants are invited for personal interviews based upon their competitiveness in the screening process. Each applicant is given two individual 30-minute interviews by a combination of faculty admissions committee members, medical student admissions committee members, and faculty or administrator guest interviewers. The interview is required for possible selection, and the process of admitting applicants to the program is competitive.

  • Tender of Acceptance

    April for high school students - year of expected college enrollment.

    April for college students during the spring term of the freshman year.

    PPC Enrollment is limited to 10-15 students per year.