About PPC Program

Through the Texas A&M University College of Medicine Office of Admission Partnership for Primary Care Program (PPC) you have the opportunity to bring quality health care home to your fellow Texans.

Many rural communities across Texas and some other areas of the state lack adequate access to health care and face physician shortage. For example, if you are from a part of the state without adequate numbers of physicians and you’ve been considering a career in medicine, the Partnership for Primary Care Program may be for you and meet the program requirements, your position in medical school will be guaranteed.

While there are no shortcuts to a quality education, there is an alternative path to gaining entrance into medical school. The PPC program is designed to help qualified, dedicated young people get a foot in the door of the medical field. This will allow them to eventually contribute to improving health care in parts of Texas that need it most.

The information in the link below provides a description of the PPC program. For more information, talk to your high school counselor or college health professions advisor, or contact the Texas A&M University College of Medicine Office of Admissions Partnership for Primary Care Program by phone, mail or email at the numbers and address provided on the contact information page.

We hope you will consider embarking on an exciting and meaningful career in medicine which will benefit you, your neighbors, community and state.

PPC MCAT Requirements

The Texas A&M College of Medicine Admissions Committee approved the requirement that all Partnership for Primary Care (PPC) Program applicants who interview and are selected for the program be required to take the Medical College Admissions Test® (MCAT®).

  • Achieving a cumulative 3.50 GPA and 3.50 BCPM GPA (biological sciences, chemistry, physics and mathematics) by the time of enrollment into the College of Medicine
  • Satisfying with not less than a B grade, the College of Medicine's undergraduate course requirements totaling 47 semester hours
  • The minimum MCAT score that PPC students must achieve to qualify for admission to medical school is 500 with no section less than 124 to qualify for acceptance into medical school

PPC Application Deadline

Applications are closed for this year. Applications were due by February 1, 2017.