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To develop caring, competent and compassionate physicians who provide seamless care for our state and nation by offering an educational program that emphasizes continuity, innovation, ethics and service within a community based health care system.

Overview of AIM

The A&M Integrated Medicine (AIM) program is a longitudinal integrated clerkship — an instructional model that veers away from the traditional clinical block rotations. Rather than studying the six core disciplines in isolated blocks, AIM students will work with physicians in core specialties continuously throughout the year while simultaneously following a panel of patients representing a wide spectrum of medical conditions. A major concern noted in the traditional block rotation model is that students are emotionally removed from patients, causing them to lose the idealism that attracted them to medicine. With an integrated approach, students get to witness the natural evolution of an illness or condition and its impact on the patient and their family. Longitudinal integrated clerkships have been around in various forms for decades. As medical schools seek to improve their instruction, more schools are adopting the model. Patient care has changed significantly, yet clinical training overall has stayed the same. The AIM program is developed to reflect the greatest strengths of a successful health care system, namely the development of enduring relationships with patients and the provision of personalized care.

Our vision is to be renowned for preparing physicians who can embrace the complexities of the changing healthcare milieu, who can navigate large systems, and provide collaborative care of high quality blending the latest medical knowledge and technology with the timeless professional values of compassion, ethics and service.