In the microbiota field, a germ-free animal is akin to a “microbiota knockout”. It is a powerful tool for dissecting the contribution of a particular microbe or a community of microbes to specific aspects of health or disease. Many microbiota studies begin with this in vivo model so that the intimate host-microbe relationship can be established and manipulated. More and more researchers in diverse fields now appreciate the impact of microbiota, creating a need for germ-free animal housing and expert care staff.

The CIMR Gnotobiotic Animal Facility offers highly specialized housing and germ-free mice for germ-free and gnotobiotic studies, as well as study design consultation and assistance with experiment implementation, data interpretation and research compliance. The Core for Integrated Microbiota Research at Texas A&M Health Science Center is one of only two core gnotobiotic facilities in Texas, and additionally provides research support, resources and intellectual community.

Let us help you

  • One-on-one gnotobiotic study design consultation.
  • Assistance in writing/amending Animal Use Protocols and Biosafety permits.
  • Full-service animal care with no additional CMP per diems.
  • Experimental manipulations (i.e. gavage, injection, sample collection, etc.).
  • Microbial culture and host colonization.
  • Assistance with data analysis.
  • Streamlined sample analysis with our partner cores (IMAC and TIGSS).