Primary Meeting - Meet with CIMR staff to discuss project objective, scope and design.

Project Budget Estimate - CIMR staff will generate a study budget estimate based on project design.

PI Approval - Project description and budget will be provided to PI for modification and approval.

Compliance Matters - Necessary approvals and permits must be in place (IACUC, IBC, IRB, EH&S, etc.). Animals will be transferred to PI’s Animal Use Protocol.

Project Invoice - Prior to project initiation, PI will be invoiced for 50% of project costs.

Begin Project - CIMR staff will conduct study and communicate regularly with PI. PI staff may assist.

Conclude Project - At endpoint, all remaining animals, tissues, samples and data will be released to PI. Remaining balance of project costs is due.

Optional analysis - CIMR staff will facilitate further analysis, if desired, by our partner cores/institutes.