Postdoctoral/Mentor Relationships

  • Individual development plans(PDF)
    The individual development plan was developed by FASEB and helps postdocs and mentors create a long-term strategy for postdoctoral training and career development.
  • Compact between postdoctoral appointees and their mentors (PDF)
    Another useful resource to aid in the discussion between postdoctoral trainees and their mentors. Developed by the Association of American Medical Colleges, it outlines the commitments necessary for a high quality postdoctoral training experience.

Grant Writing

  • How to get funded
    A list of useful articles concerning various aspects of grant writing at Science Careers


Scientific Writing Skills

  • Author aid
    While this is predominantly to aid researchers in developing countries with scientific writing skills, the information contained therein is very pertinent to all researchers. In the “Resource library section” there are some great articles and presentations on various aspects of scientific writing and reviewing

Career Advice

Beyond the Postdoc


Science careers
Webinar Topics:

  • Facts and Fiction: Careers in Industry and Academia
  • Mentoring Early-Career Scientists
  • Building Solid Career Connections
  • Effective Lab Skills: Managing People, Projects, and Money
  • Job Searching for Scientists: Tools, Tips, and Essentials
  • Non-traditional Careers: Opportunities Away From the Bench