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John F. Greene, Jr., M.D.

Department Information

The purpose of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is to: 1) provide appropriate learning opportunities for medical students, graduate students, postgraduate and practicing physicians; 2) pursue a variety of research projects at the basic and applied levels in the fields of human disease, seeking to provide an overview for those projects based on a knowledge of human disease; and 3) provide appropriate and accurate diagnostic and consultative pathology service for patient care.


General pathology (host response to injury and introduction to clinical pathology) and systemic pathology (diseases of the organ systems) are taught in the second year. The pathology courses serve as a bridge between the basic sciences and the clinical disciplines.

General and systemic pathology presents disease processes as manifestations of a common set of mechanisms of injury. Topics included are the normal and adapted cell, inflammation and repair, cell and tissue injury as a result of infectious agents, immunologic events, vascular lesions, genetic abnormalities, lesions caused by physical and chemical substances, and the causes and behavior of neoplasms. Pathologic changes are correlated with the resultant clinical manifestations, and in this framework, a foundation for understanding specific diseases is established.

Elective clerkships offered in the fourth year include anatomic pathology, blood bank, clinical chemistry, clinical immunology, clinical microbiology, hematopathology, laboratory testing in endocrinology, academic pathology and an elective in research.

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