L. Gill Naul, M.D.

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The Department of Radiology is responsible for the education of students in all fields of medical imaging, including conventional radiography, nuclear radiology, ultrasound, computerized tomography and magnetic resonance. The department also instructs students in therapeutic radiology.

Medical imaging is one of the most important diagnostic tools available to the clinician. The field of medical imaging is rapidly expanding; the development of ultrasound and computerized tomography has revolutionized medical diagnosis. Advances in technology are rapidly changing the field of radiology with the development of new techniques such as digital radiology and sophisticated invasive procedures such as transluminal angioplasty. The field of nuclear medicine also continues to expand rapidly, particularly in the area of cardiac scanning and physiological studies. Radiation therapy plays a very important role in the treatment of cancer.


The educational mission of the department is to provide students strong backgrounds in the understanding of the imaging modalities available to the clinician, the indications for the various procedures, and the fundamentals of image interpretation. A lecture course in medical imaging is required for students in the third year. The course stresses the fundamentals of roentgen interpretation and indications for the various imaging procedures. Several electives are offered to fourth-year students including diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine and therapeutic radiology. The four-week elective in diagnostic radiology emphasizes image interpretation. Students work directly with radiologists and also make extensive use of the comprehensive teaching film file available in the department.

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