Texas A&M College of Medicine students are highly encouraged to select an area of concentration in addition to the usual course of study.

These areas of concentration provide an opportunity for students to pursue an area of interest in depth during their years in medical school. Knowledge, experiences and skills gained from participation in an area of concentration are helpful during training as a peer mentor and upon graduation in career planning beyond residency. The goals of the area of concentration program at the College of Medicine are:

  1. To complement, enrich and add perspective to the required medical school curriculum.
  2. To provide guidance and mentorship by faculty and peers as role models for professional and personal development.
  3. To provide opportunities for interdisciplinary engagement and service learning.
  4. To provide longitudinal educational experience via structured required and elective coursework and experiential learning.

All areas of concentration share some common elements:

  1. Faculty mentorship.
  2. Course work: online, in class, independent study or a mixture of modalities.
  3. Scholarly activity.
  4. Service learning.
  5. A project suitable for presentation as a poster, podium presentation or publication.
  6. Participation in the professional life of a discipline or area of expertise.
  7. Students who complete all requirements receive a certificate of completion and may list it on their Curriculum Vitae. A notation will be made on the transcript that the area of concentration has been successfully completed.