Mistreatment of Student Concerns

The College of Medicine is committed to providing a positive learning environment for students. In any case where a student experiences mistreatment from a faculty member, staff member or patient, the student should report the mistreatment. Reports of mistreatment or unprofessional conduct may be submitted by phone, via the Mistreatment Call Line, online using the link below, in person to the individuals listed below or reported to Student Advocates, or through student evaluations submitted to the Curriculum Study Group and the Early Concern/Ombudsman program.

When submitting a complaint of student mistreatment, complainants should provide their name and contact information. Anonymous claims will be confidentially investigated, maintaining complainant anonymity to the extent possible. However, based on facts of a case, anonymity cannot be guaranteed. Anonymous complaints will be logged and investigated to the extent possible, however, without the ability to obtain additional information from the complainant/reporter, it is difficult to process such investigations.

Complaints submitted will be received by the associate dean for faculty affairs & curriculum management, the senior associate, associate and assistant deans for student affairs and the student ombudsman. Individuals lodging complaints regarding student mistreatment who have provided contact information will be contacted within two business days to confirm receipt of the concern.

The Mistreatment of Students Policy can be viewed on page 38 of the Student Handbook.

Mistreatment Call Line 855.397.9835

Report Online



Wei-Jung Chen Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Curriculum Management wchen@medicine.tamhsc.edu 979.436.0333
Kathleen Fallon Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs fallon@medicine.tamhsc.edu 254.724.0240
Gary McCord Associate Dean for Student Affairs mccord@medicine.tamhsc.edu 979.436.0245
Donna K. Ship Coordinator of Student Services dshipp@medicine.tamhsc.edu 254.724.3898