Class of 2016 Curriculum

Course Number Course Title
EMED 800 Emergency Medicine Clerkship (4 weeks)
MEID 989-301 Acting Internship (4 weeks)
MEID 850 Becoming a Physician IV (2 weeks)
ADDT 800 Alcohol and Drug Dependence Treatment (2 weeks)
MEID 989-303 Elective Experience (12 weeks)
MEID 974 System Based Practice IV (see syllabus)
MEID 989-302 Selective Experience (12 weeks)
MEID 989-300 Critical Care Experience (4 weeks)
(All ICU courses)
Students are encouraged to review the recommended 4th year Electives for career choices.

You may review the Course Numbering System webpage for a complete list and explanation of discipline prefix, numberings, and campus designations.