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Pre-Clerkship Google Calendar

The pre-clerkship curriculum utilizes Google Calendars to communicate schedules to students, faculty and administrators. The Google Calendars:

  1. Provide a single version of the schedule with live changes
  2. Are easy to access and utilize (see below for instructions)
  3. Provide the ability for each course to have a schedule, but view a master schedule by viewing all calendars concurrently

Students, faculty and staff can add the calendars to their Google accounts by:

  • Clicking on the public link shared via email or listed online. This only allows you to view that one individual calendar and does not add the calendar to your Google account. You can add the calendar by clicking the + Google Calendar in the bottom left corner. Log in to whichever Google account you would like to use (your medicine email can be used).
  • Adding it to their Google account with the ICAL link. Log in to Google (medicine account or personal account). On the left panel pull down the menu next to Other Calendars. Choose add by URL. Paste ICAL link (public HTML link will not work).

Instructions about how to add google calendar to any of your personal device.

  • Faculty may request schedule changes here
  • Faculty and staff may report schedule inaccuracies here

If you have questions or concerns, or need additional assistance accessing these calendars, contact your course coordinator or preclerkship coordinator.

Course Schedules

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