Students are advised to seek the expertise and guidance of their faculty adviser and other faculty members in preparing their fourth-year curriculum. The student's final plan for a fourth-year curriculum will be submitted by the student, in consultation with the student's faculty adviser, to the student affairs dean for review and final approval. Class meetings are arranged by the Office of Student Affairs to distribute the paperwork and review procedures for scheduling fourth-year curriculum.

Things to remember when scheduling electives:

1. All scheduling requests must be submitted by April

2. All students must follow the required rotations/course curriculum.

3. Students who plan student initiated electives should initiate planning as soon as possible. These requests must be submitted on the Student Initiated Elective Form in the outlined format and have a signature of approval by the Student Initiated Elective administrator of the department sponsoring the elective. A signature is not required if the elective is offered in a fourth-year elective curriculum of another LCME accredited medical school. All Student Initiated Electives (which include all off‑campus electives) must be approved by the Office of Student Affairs prior to beginning the elective.

Students who fail to complete all of the following will not receive credit for the elective:

    • Submit a complete and signed Student Initiated Elective Form.

    • Leave a forwarding address and phone number.

    • Submit a letter of confirmation of the elective from the host school or institution.

4. Proposed fourth-year schedules must be submitted on forms available from the Office of Student Affairs. Final computer generated schedules will be sent to each student. If a successful match is not obtained by the initial computer scheduling, the student will be asked to meet with the Office of Student Affairs staff to work out a schedule.

5. Students who request any schedule changes must complete the appropriate Rotation Change Request.  Perception of an elective's value are not valid reasons for altering schedules. The student is responsible for assuring that any proposed changes are feasible and acceptable to the departments concerned.

No schedule changes will be allowed after Dec. 15 of Year IV.

6. Student performance on all electives will be graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.

7. Students will be asked to evaluate each elective through One45 within two weeks of completing the elective.

Completion of an evaluation is necessary to receive academic credit for that elective.

8. No more than 20 weeks may be spent off campus. Schedules at variance with this policy must be approved by the Phase IV Curriculum Subcommittee.

Remember: When taking any elective off campus, the student must notify the student affairs dean of an address and phone number where the student and a spouse or parent may be contacted so that important information can be conveyed.