This elective will not be offered in 2017-18.

Elective Directors:    

Edward Sherwood MD 512.341.4915

Roque Ruggero MD 512.573.3969



Faculty: Nelson Avery MD; Roque Ruggero MD; Tyler Jorgenson MD

Reporting Location: This elective will be held in the spring of 2017. Details will be posted when available.

Duration: 2 weeks

Number of Students: 15 to 30

When Offered: TBD

Scheduling Method: Arranged

Anticipated Schedule: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday (Thursday of the first week concludes at 11 p.m.;  Monday of the second week begins at 3 p.m.)

Prerequisite(s): Completion of basic science curriculum

Wilderness medicine requires meeting the challenges of working in a low-resource environment. Wilderness medicine requires one to look at delivering medical care from a unique perspective not readily taught in most hospital or clinic based practices. In addition, working in a wilderness environment requires exceptional leadership and teamwork to achieve optimum outcomes. The learning objectives for this course fall under four major competency goals:

  •         Participating as a safe and effective team member;
  •         Leading a small team in the provision of urgent care under hazardous conditions without incurring additional casualties;
  •         Providing emergent field care for common wilderness medicine situations;
  •         Achieving certification as a Wilderness First Responder (WFR).

The first week of this elective will consist of the Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals (WUMP) course provided by the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) taught primarily by NOLS faculty assisted by College of Medicine faculty. The second week of this elective reinforces material learned during the first week through extensive application in student-designed wilderness medical emergency simulations and other outdoor activities. 

Shared housing will be provided for Sunday through Friday of the first week and Monday through Friday of the second week.

Due to the strenuous nature of search and rescue activities we recommend that participants should be in good physical condition and/or secure a professional evaluation of their medical condition prior to enrolling in this course.

The elective is available only to Texas A&M College of Medicine students