Elective Director:    

Karen Wakefield PhD



Reporting Location: Vairies with fellowship. Contact Dr. Wakefield prior to starting this rotation

Duration: 4 weeks

Number of Students: Flexible

When Offered: Year round (must be completed by the end of block 9).

Scheduling Method: Lottery plus online application

Anticipated Schedule: Monday through Friday 

Prerequisite(s): Fourth year status; approval from the course director; submission of the Fellowship in Leadership application; good standing with the Office of Student Affairs.

Application Instructions:

To apply for the Fellowship in Leadership elective, provide:

(1) answers to the questions below

(2) resume or curriculum vitae

(3) a letter or email message from the leader you propose working with confirming he or she is willing to serve

(4) a letter or email message from the College of Medicine faculty sponsor you have identified for this elective confirming that he or she has accepted this role

All four items should be compiled into a single PDF file and emailed to Dr. Wakefield. The selection committee will not evaluate incomplete application packages. 

The regular application deadline is May 1 at 5 p.m. Applicants wishing to apply later should contact the elective director about the possibility. Applicants generally will hear within one month if their applications have been approved. Normally all the funding will go to candidates applying by May 1.    

Questions to Answer:

In answering the questions below, be informative but concise. 

(1) What do you propose doing as this elective? In particular:

  • Who is the leader with whom you would work and what is the leader’s background and qualifications? In what regard is this person a leader? (If possible, support your answer with a curriculum vitae, resume or biographical sketch of the leader).
  • Where would the experience be located?
  • What do you plan to do during the elective?
  • What do you expect to gain from the experience?






(2)   How does the proposed experience relate to leadership? (Ideally, relate your answer to reading you have done about leadership, education you have received about leadership or both).

(3)   What dates would you like to do this elective?

(4)   What expenses do you expect to incur doing the elective? (Provide a brief budget).

(5)   Is there other information you think might aid the committee in evaluating the suitability of you doing this elective? If so, feel free to provide it.

The elective is available only to Texas A&M College of Medicine students