Elective Director:   

Bobbie Ann Adair White Ed.D,


Kaitlyn Hawrylak 254.724.6480

Reporting Location: Online

Duration: 1, 2 or 3 weeks

Number of Students: Unlimited

When Offered: Year round

Scheduling Method: Lottery 

Anticipated Schedule: Online

Prerequisite(s): Fourth-year status (students must have completed all third-year clerkships).

There will be three corresponding levels (A, B and C). If multiple weeks are selected, students can schedule them consecutively or split them. The process for completing the assignments must be completed in order (ex. Level A, then Level B, etc.). If a student registers for only one week, they must complete the Level A modules.

Weekly modules deadlines are as follows:

  • June to July: deadline Aug. 15
  • August to December: deadline Jan. 31
  • January to February: deadline March 1
  • March and April: deadline two weeks after the last scheduled week
  • May (if applicable): deadline Monday before commencement
The elective is available only to Texas A&M College of Medicine students