Elective Director:    

Gul A. Russell PhD 979.436.0523



Reporting Location: Texas A&M Health Science Center Department of Humanities, Clinical Building 1, 8447 Riverside Pkwy., Bryan, Texas

Duration: 2 or 4 weeks

Number of Students: 4

When Offered: January through April ( schedule arranged with Dr. Russell). Two to 4 weeks in Bryan; additional 4 weeks in London with British faculty; one-on-one basis with tutorials with individual student.

Scheduling Method: Arranged

Anticipated Schedule: Times are arranged according to individual student's schedule as they may have to come from Temple to fulfill 16 contact hours/credit hours. Supervision is also through email exchanges.

Prerequisite(s): Fourth year status. Prior to enrollment in the course, required training with instructor  in humanities research methods and determination of  a concrete, focused research topic. This usually  starts in the second and/or third year through face-to-face and email correspondence with individual students  who are planning to enroll in their fourth year. The pre-enrollment training makes the research rotation and submission of completed paper for publication feasible. It also provides long-term skills for their future practice. It is also an additional asset for residency applications.

The elective is available only to Texas A&M College of Medicine students