The Texas A&M University College of Medicine (TAMHSC-COM) Fourth Year Electives have been developed to accommodate the diverse educational needs of our students. The electives provide students the opportunity to further develop their medical knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

In addition to the electives which have been developed by the departments, students may develop Student Initiated Electives. Student Initiated Electives allow students in good standing great latitude in designing unique elective experiences.

The elective program for each student will be the responsibility of the student, the student's advisor and the Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs. The choice of elective rotations should be guided by the student's career goal and the "Recommended Rotations" for that career goal.

Most of TAMHSC-COM electives and Student Initiated Electives are also available to fourth year students from other medical colleges accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education or the American Osteopathic Association.

*Note: Some electives at affiliated institutions which are arranged through the Office of the Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs are available only to College of Medicine students as indicated in the “Prerequisite” section of the elective description. Outside students wishing to take these electives should contact the Elective Administrator directly.

The Office of Student Affairs co-ordinates scheduling of the Phase IV/4th Year Curriculum for all TAMHSC-COM students. The Office of Academic Affairs coordinates academic oversight and evaluation of all Phase IV/4th Year curriculum components.

Information for Students