Department of Primary Care Medicine

Department of Humanities in Medicine

Institute of Biosciences and Technology

  • Fen Wang, PhD (2020) Standing Member
  • TBA (2020) Alternate Member

Department of Medical Physiology

Department of Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunology

Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine

Department of Neuroscience and Experimental Therapeutics

Invited Guest/Adviser

Past Chairs & Vice Chairs

Year Chair Vice Chair
2016-17 Kathleen A. Jones, MD Ursula H. Winzer-Serhan, PhD
2015-16 Tresa M. McNeal, MD Kathleen A. Jones, MD
2014-15 Tresa M. McNeal, MD Mendell J. Rimer, PhD
2013-14 Don J. Self, PhD James E. (Trey) Morris, MD
2012-13 Paul B. Hicks, PhD Don J. Self, PhD
2011-12 Siegfried M. Musser, PhD Parimal Naik, MD
2010-11 Siegfried M. Musser, PhD Parimal Naik, MD
2009-10 Belinda Kohl-Thomas, MD Siegfried M. Musser, PhD
2008-09 Rajesh Miranda, PhD M. Hasan Rajab, PhD
2007-08 Lisa M. Councilman, MD Rajesh Miranda, PhD
2006-07 Mary Elizabeth Herring, JD Timothy P. Pfanner, MD