Terrell Glenn, M.D.

Terrell Glenn, MD

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

Undergraduate: Furman University - french

Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina

Medical Interests: Sports medicine, international medicine, endoscopy

Personal Interests: Anything sports or outdoors

I love this residency because: There's so many reasons I liked Texas A&M, but first and foremost was how much I liked the people here. You don't have to let your training limit your scope of practice in the future, so even if you're not sure if you want to do OB or endoscopy or inpatient medicine, you are promised enough exposure here to all of these options and more to really know what you like, what you're good at, and what you want to continue doing once you've graduated.

Future Plans: Practicing rural family medicine, doing sports medicine, getting involved in some foreign mission work, doing endoscopy

William Griffin, D.O.

William Griffin, DO

Hometown: Eldorado, Texas

Undergraduate: Texas A&M University - animal science

Medical School: Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

Medical Interests: Rural family medicine, endoscopy, inpatient medicine

Personal Interests: It excels in every way you could hope for in a family medicine residency. Not only does it offer the best training in family medicine, it does so while consisting of well-rounded individuals who strive for excellence in every aspect of life. The faculty, staff, and residents are driven but friendly. Everyone works every day to attain the highest level of success in their careers, family lives, and faith. This program will prepare you to do anything you can imagine in family medicine and you will do it working with people who you truly enjoy and even admire.This residency is committed to our well-being as well as our education. Texas A&M Family Medicine is a truly special program.

Future Plans: Rural family medicine. I plan to return to West Texas and practice full spectrum family medicine while enjoying getting back to life in the country.

Laura Hansen, D.O.

Laura Hansen, DO

Hometown: Houston (and later in life Boerne, Texas)

Undergraduate: Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, biology major, psychology minor

Medical School: Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, UNTHSC

Medical Interests: Full Scope ‘old school’ Family Medicine with OB and lots of procedures

Personal Interests: Spending time with my handsome husband, visiting family, being active in church, Fightin’ Texas Aggie Football, hunting, baking, being outdoors

I love this residency because: This place is known for being an unopposed program with the ultimate full spectrum training. All of that is critical to my future as a physician, but at the end of the day, it’s the people here that make the difference. Residency is tough and I can’t imagine making it through without this encouraging and special group of people. I am blessed to get to learn from and with these folks, all while having a little fun along the way.

Morgan Hines, MD

Morgan Hines, MD

Hometown: College Station, Texas

Undergraduate: Trinity University, San Antonio – political science, business administration

Medical School: University of Texas Medical School at Houston

Medical Interests: Rural Full Scope Family Medicine, Surgery, Dermatology, Physician Advocacy

Personal Interests: Reading, Water skiing, Camping, Travel, Snow Skiing

I love this residency because: I like variety, and I love adventure. This residency provides plenty of both! You never really know what you're going to see on any given day. We might be performing endoscopies in the morning, delivering a baby over lunch, and admitting a patient to the ICU in the afternoon. I believe that this residency is about pushing limits, both personal and professional. I came here because I wanted to train with the best, by the best, so that I can become the physician I've always wanted to be. This process isn't always the most comfortable, but it's made a lot easier when you're surrounded by people who are not only incredibly smart and knowledgeable, but also genuinely great people. I'm so grateful to have been offered the opportunity to train here, and hope to take full-advantage of every moment.

Future Plans: Traditional, full-scope family medicine in a rural area

Terry McGrath, M.D.

Terry McGrath, MD

Hometown: Cincinnati

Undergraduate: Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - biomedical engineering

Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Medical Interests: Obstetrics, International Medicine, Spiritual care

Personal Interests: Cooking, recreational sports, reading

I love this residency because: I am learning to be the kind of Family physician that can see any patient and give them excellent care. When I ranked this program, I knew that I would have outstanding procedural opportunities. But more than sheer numbers, I find myself more impressed with the depth of medical knowledge of my colleagues and faculty. Also, I was told to how family friendly this program is, and I can strongly attest to that. Residents and faculty truly care about each other.

Future Plans: Teaching vs. Rural Medicine vs. International Medicine, I still don’t know. But, I know that this residency will prepare me for whichever I end up choosing.

Franchesca Schandevel, M.D.

Franchesca Schandevel, MD

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Undergraduate: Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas-- biochemistry/molecular biology

Medical School: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Medical Interests: Women’s health, primary care, outpatient procedures, medical missions

Personal Interests: Spending time with my wonderful husband and family, cooking, playing basketball, watching sports, playing the piano, singing off-key while my husband plays the guitar

I love this residency because: I am so blessed God has put me and my husband here at A&M. This residency has two of the most important things we wanted in a program—full scope medicine with great teaching and amazing residents who truly are a family. There are so many different opportunities for training here. The faculty pushes you to be a better physician, but at the same time is so supportive and encouraging. The residents are always hanging out together, and in my short time here so far, I have had many residents go out of their way to show me they care. I truly cannot imagine training at any other place.

Future Plans: Outpatient practice in Arkansas, short-term medical missions

Nathan Schandevel, M.D.

Nathan Schandevel, MD

Hometown: Paragould, Arkansas

Undergraduate: Harding University, Searcy, Arkansas – biochemistry and molecular biology

Medical School: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Medical Interests: Inpatient and outpatient family medicine, behavioral health, endoscopy, medical missions

Personal Interests: I love spending time with my wife, whether we are traveling, eating, playing sports, watching movies, or staring at our laptops from separate ends of the living room. I greatly enjoy the Detroit Red Wings. I like playing hockey, basketball, and soccer. Strumming on the guitar is one of my favorite things.

I love this residency because: everything about it is phenomenal. The faculty and even residents seem to exist solely to make you a better doctor. The relationships you will establish at this program are top-notch. I take pride in knowing that my doctoring style and abilities will be a conglomeration of the people that are working and training at this program. Texas A&M Family Medicine Residency has a unique ability of being able to select residents that chose family medicine because it is their passion. Some of the smartest people I have ever met are training right beside me. This program is one of exceptional opportunity, and I thank God daily for giving my wife and me the chance to discover our potential at such a special place.

Future Plans: We hope to return to Arkansas in order to give back to the state that has meant so much to us. I currently have no clue what my future practice will look like but that’s ok with me.

Faryal Turtle, M.D.

Faryal Turtle, MD

Hometown: College Station, Texas

Undergraduate: Texas A&M University- biochemistry, genetics

Medical School: Texas A&M Health Science Center

Medical Interests: Full scope family medicine, preventative care

Personal Interests: Country western dancing, rock climbing, cooking, reading, SPIKE BALL (TERRY), spending time with my husband, and training my dog

I love this residency because of: My fellow residents. I can honestly say I enjoy coming to work every day just to learn with and learn from my co-residents. We are a great team and always strive to teach each other, become better doctors, and most importantly provide excellent patient care. I am confident with the training I receive here, I will be able to adapt to any family medicine environment I encounter. On top of that, we have wonderful attendings and ancillary staff that will go out of their way to help you.

Future Plans: Family medicine inpatient and outpatient care, preventative care, possibly providing care abroad with Doctors without Borders or in my parents’ home country of Bangladesh

Valerie Van Ravenswaay, D.O., M.P.H.

Valerie Van Ravenswaay, DO, MPH

Hometown: Ontario, Canada

Undergraduate: Wilfrid Laurier University

Medical School: Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Medical Interests: Rural Family Medicine, sports medicine, OMT, health and wellness, preventive medicine

Personal Interests: Running, Triathlons, Hiking, Traveling, the Outdoors

I love this residency because: it was the perfect fit for me. It provides the balance of an exciting and challenging Residency program with support from an amazing group of people to work with!

From the moment I arrived in college station it felt like home. Not only are the residents and faculty exceptional, but it's also an amazing place to live and train! The program allows you to make it what you want and pushes you to excel. Whether you are interested in inpatient, outpatient, sports medicine, OB, procedures, colonoscopy or endoscopy this is the place to be!

Future Plans: Rural Family Medicine, sports medicine, OMT, health and wellness, preventive medicine, academics