A gift to the College of Medicine is like a ripple in the water that allows you to bring change to the lives of many — not just to the faculty and students who will directly benefit from your gift, but also to the thousands that they will reach through their professional lives. Few are the opportunities to create a lasting change — one that will remain long after a gift is made. More often than not, the recognition of a person lasts only as long as their name is remembered, but donating to medicine is a way of giving that will generate innumerable positive outcomes for generations to come.

While you might not be able to wield a scalpel as skillfully as a surgeon or diagnose a disease as intuitively as an experienced clinician, you can contribute something meaningful to medicine by supporting the institutions in which those skills are taught and perfected. Every gift, no matter the amount, makes a difference.

For more information please contact

R. Kirk Joseph '84
Senior Director of Development
(979) 436-9107