HAMS supporters,

It continues to be an exciting time full of growth and opportunity for Aggies in the Houston area. From the strong performances of our traditional students within Houston Methodist Hospital, to the commencement of our groundbreaking EnMed program and renovations to facilities within the Texas Medical Center, to the launch of TMC3, Houston is ground zero to some of the world’s most forward-thinking initiatives in the biosciences.

For our fourth-year students, interview season is in full swing. Our Houston students are traveling across the state and nation to evaluate residency positions and we can’t wait to see the outcomes. Cody Ewing, MS IV, is the first student on the Houston campus to match and will be a general surgery resident with the Naval Medical Center in San Diego (NMCSD). Congratulations, Cody!

Additionally, we are excited to announce that in 2019 we will be working collaboratively with Houston Methodist Hospital to establish clinical rotations for our students at the Willowbrook location. Ultimately, medical students will have the option to complete all of their core clinical clerkships at this site including surgery, internal medicine, pediatric, obstetrics/gynecology, family medicine, and psychiatry.

The national response to EnMed has been remarkable. We remain thankful for our partners in this groundbreaking endeavor, the Texas A&M College of Engineering and Houston Methodist Hospital. I recently had the opportunity to tour the remodel of our space on the sixth floor of Houston Methodist Hospital, which we expect to begin utilizing in March 2019.

We have also begun the remodel of the 1020 Holcombe, which will be our new Texas A&M campus home in Houston. The 18-story building will include state-of-the-art education space, laboratories specifically designed to foster collaboration between physicians and engineers, and many amenities for our students, faculty and staff. We expect to be in our new home by June of 2020.

Finally, earlier this year, we announced our role as a founding member of TMC3, an unprecedented research campus in the Texas Medical Center that will house thousands of national leaders in discovery and innovation. TMC3 promises to pioneer therapies and devices to advance health care around the globe and will play an important role in the education of our EnMed students.

It has been a privilege to witness these Houston-area endeavors, while only a small sampling, come to life. Thank you for the vital role you have played in making these initiatives possible. Because of each of you, I am filled with excitement about the future of the Texas A&M College of Medicine in Houston.

With warmest wishes,

Carrie L. Byington ’85, MD
Vice Chancellor for Health Services, The Texas A&M University System
Senior Vice President, Texas A&M Health Science Center
Dean, Texas A&M College of Medicine