James A. Knight pictureDr. James A. Knight was the founding dean of the College of Medicine. This $500 award is given in honor of Dr. Knight whose life as a physician and medical educator modeled the highest standards of compassion and dedication to medicine. Dr. Knight strongly believed the future of medicine is dependent on the physician's capacity to blend the scientific and humanistic aspects of medical practice.

Previous winners:

Year Winner
2014 Daniel Peters
2013 Lydia Villa
2012 Matthew Tillman
2011 Vasant Garg
2010 Jim Littlejohn
2009 Tamara Small & Lakeisha Walker
2008 Robert Bour
2007 Laura Tenner
2006 Leslie Strickland
2005 Kip Menefee
2004 Debra Ann Bell
2003 Georganna Davis
2002 Denise Boudreaux
2001 Kanthi Yalmanchili
2000 Vishal Mehra
1999 Kip Corrington
1998 Christine Hae-Jin Won
1997 Stephanie Page Swafford
1996 Pamela Ann Overmyer & Noemi Vazquez
1995 Gregory M. Sonnen
1994 Aleta Behrman Pierce
1993 Cythnia Lorraine Moorhead
1992 John Long LaNoue, Jr. & Richard S. Mohammed
1991 Walter Gradberry
1990 Timothy Lacy
1989 Michael Middleton
1988 Susan Safford
1987 Lori Wick