Bobbie Ann Adair White, MA

Bobbie Ann Adair White, MA

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Department of Humanities in Medicine

Education and Training

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Doctorate of Education, Educational Leadership in Higher Education, 2015-present

University of New Haven
Master of Arts, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2003

University of North Texas
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (Major), Sociology (Minor), 2001

Research Interests

  • Medical education
  • Residency and fellowship application processes
  • Conflict management and leadership education
  • Social science as it applies to medical education


White's career in medical education began in 2004 following a brief stint in career coaching for the Women's Center of Tarrant County. Within medical education she has demonstrated success in the areas of student services, research, curriculum development, faculty development and direct teaching. Throughout her career, she has served as a primary resource for students as they prepare their application for residency. In addition to her professional experience, she has contributed to publication in the fields of career development, clinical medicine and medical education.

She currently serves as faculty for:

  • First Year HEAL Course
  • Practical Leadership Selective
  • Fourth Year HEAL Capstone Course
  • Self & Culture Elective

Recent Publications

Text Books
  • Sanker R, Diaz L, White BA. Guide to Becoming a Physician 2nd Edition. Dubuque, IA. Kendall Hunt; 2015
    ISBN-9781465280336 (Used at Baylor University for a required pre-medical course)
  • Sanker R, Diaz L, White BA. Guide to Becoming a Physician. Dubuque, IA. Kendall Hunt; 2014
    ISBN-9781465247476 (Used at Baylor University for a required pre-medical course)
Journal Articles
  • Colbert CY, Graham L, West C, White BA, Arroliga AC, Myers JD, Ogden PE, Archer J, Mohammad TA, Clark J. (2015). Teaching metacognitive skills: Helping physician trainees in the quest to “know what they don’t know”. The American Journal of Medicine, (AAIM Perspectives). 128(3) 318-324 PMID: 25446293
  • White HD, White BA, Song J, Fader R, Quiroga P, Arroliga AC. (2013). Pleural Infections: A nine-year review of bacteriology, case characteristics, and mortality. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, 345(5):349-54 PMID: 23044652
  • White BA, Sadoski M, Thomas S, Shabahang M. (2012). Is the Evaluation of the Personal Statement a Reliable Component of the Surgery General Residency Application? Journal of Surgical Education, 69(3): 340-3 PMID: 22483135
  • Wehbe-Janek, H Colbert CY, Govednik-Horny C, White BA, Thomas S, Shabahang M. (2012). Residents’ Perspectives of the Value of Simulation Curriculum in a General Surgery Residency Program: A Multimethod Study of Stakeholder Feedback. SURGERY, 151(6): 815-821 PMID: 22652123
  • White HD, White BA, Boethel C, Arroliga AC. (2011). Pancoast’s Syndrome Secondary to Infectious Etiologies: A Not so Uncommon Occurrence. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, 341(4) 333-6 PMID: 21030854
  • White BA, Diaz, LE. “Social Scientists in Medical Education: Important Contributors to the Educational Mission” Reflective MedEd. Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. Blog. 5 July 2016.
Recent Peer Reviewed Presentations & Posters
  • White, BA, White, HD, Arroliga, AC. (2016) "Nightly ICU Rounds: Reducing Conflict by Increasing Communication and Education" Poster for 2016 ENRICH & Research Forum, New Haven, CT
  • Diaz, LD, White, BA, Sanker, R. (2016) “Exposing Pre-Medical Students to the Full Continuum and Practice of a Physician for Informed Decisions: Innovative Partnership Between and Undergraduate Program and Medical School” Poster for 2016 National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions’ National Meeting, Minneapolis, MN
  • White, BA, Diaz LE (2016) “Practical Leadership: A 10 Hour Mini Elective to Jump Start Physician Leadership Skills” Poster for the Southern Group on Educational Affairs, Austin, TX
  • Diaz LE, White BA. (2016) “Transformative and Reflective Learning Through a 4th Year Elective: Self and Culture” Poster for the Southern Group on Educational Affairs, Austin, TX
  • White BA, Pearson K. (2016) “Transformational Leadership: Faith and Classroom Instruction” Presentation for Innovations Scholars and Research Conference, Belton, TX
  • White BA. (2015) “Conflict Management” Workshop for The Academy for Professionalism in Health Care 3rd Annual Meeting, Louisville, KY