Filo Maldonado, MA

Filo Maldonado, MA

Joint Assistant Professor

Associate Dean of Admissions

Department of Humanities in Medicine
8447 Riverside Pkwy
Bryan, TX   77807-3260

Phone: 979.436.0237
Fax: 979.436.0097

Education and Post-Graduate Training

Maldonado’s undergraduate degree, a BA in history and english, is from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio; his master’s degree, a MA in higher education administration, is from the University of Texas at San Antonio; and, his PhD work in curriculum and instruction (which is incomplete) is at Texas A&M University.

Maldonado has been with the College of Medicine since 1988 and was originally hired as coordinator of recruitment and special programs. In that role, he was the principal investigator and director of the Health Careers Opportunity Program-Bridge to Medicine Program and of the Hispanic Center of Excellence (one of the seven original Centers of Excellence funded in 1990). 

In 1991, he was promoted to director of admissions and served in that capacity until 1998, at which time he was promoted to assistant dean for admissions. In his capacity as director and assistant dean for admission, Maldonado has co-authored two papers in the Journal of Academic Medicine — “The effects of differently weighting interview scores on the admission of under-represented minority medical students,” and “Beyond affirmative action: one school’s experiences with a race-neutral admissions process.”  More recently he authored the paper “Rethinking the admissions process: Evaluation techniques that promote inclusiveness in admissions decisions,“ which was published in the Institute of Medicine’s compilation of papers at its Symposium on Diversity in the Health Professions in Honor of Herbert Nickens, MD. He has conducted numerous presentations focusing on the use of personal characteristics in the admissions process, on the training of interviewers, on how to use interview evaluations in admissions committee deliberations, and on the training of advisers for the health professions.

Maldonado is married to Rosalinda and has two sons, Phillip-Michael and Matthew, 23 and 21, respectively.

Selected Publications

Edwards, JC, Maldonado, FG, and Eneglgau, GR. (2000) "Beyond affirmative action: One school's experiences with a race-neutral admission process." Academic Medicine. 75(8), 806-815.

Edwards, JC, Maldonado, FG and Calvin, JA. (1999). "The effects of differently weighing interview scores on the admission of underrepresented minority medical students." Academic Medicine. 74(1), 59-61.