This elective introduces basic knowledge of medical Spanish. Vocabulary and interactive cases are used to enhance communication skills with Spanish-speaking patients, their families, other health care providers and society.

This elective will provide instruction to introduce and develop the linguistic and cultural skills necessary to facilitate basic communication and negotiate a number of primary difficulties posed by an English-Spanish language barrier between patients and providers.

Prerequisites: Enrollment in Texas A&M University College of Medicine.

  • Level I. Novice to beginner: This beginner student will focus on fundamentals; utilize essential nouns and verbs commonly used in communicating in the medical context; take a basic medical history; perform a physical examination; communicate findings and offer recommendations to patients, their families and society
  • Level II. Beginner to moderate: This student will have some history of foreign language training , experience of living in a Spanish-speaking country, or otherwise with speaking Spanish; the student will learn to effectively conduct a medical interview in Spanish, based on the interview structure taught in Introduction to Clinical Skills and White Coat Experience in the Practice of Medicine course and the O.C. Cooper Preceptorship
  • Level III. Moderate to advanced: This student will acquire and utilize even move detailed and specific components of the history and physical examination, review of systems, social and family history, laboratory and other diagnostic testing; communicate assessments and plans to the patient, their family; effectively utilize expertise in cultural competency benefitting the patient and society
  • Level IV. Advanced: This student will have mastered the skills enumerated in levels MDSP I-III and will further refine and demonstrate abilities in effectively discussing potentially sensitive subjects, such as psychosocial, mental health, sexuality, end of life care, etc. in culturally competent ways and will serve as a mentor to patients, families, health care providers, students and society


  • Spanish for Health Care Professionals,4th Edition by William C. Harvey, M.S. ISBN-13: 978-1438006949 ISBN-10: 1438006942
  • Spanish for Health Care Providers, Practical Medical Spanish for Quick and Confident Communication,3rd edition, McGraw-Hill, Joanna Rios, Jose Torres, Tamara Rios ISBN: 978-0-07-184217-4

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Mark Sicilio, MD (Program Director)
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics-College Station Clinic.

Sicilio received his medical degree from the Texas A&M University Health Science Center College of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. He is member of the College of Medicine’s charter class, in 1977. He has a Board Certification from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Sharon Alderete (Administrative Coordinator)


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Fernando Vasquez (Lecturer) 
Heidy B. Frias Ferreira (Lecturer) 
Jorge Sanchez, MD (Lecturer)
Marcela Jiménez, MD (Instructor)
José F. Florez Arango, MD (Lecturer)
Patty Luna, MA (Instructional Designer)