Abstracts are invited for student research in history of medicine, healthcare professions, and related interdisciplinary topics for platform (oral) and poster presentations, as well as thematic sessions.

The two-day conference, jointly held with the University of Calgary, Canada is to highlight and stimulate student research and scholarship at the undergraduate, graduate/medical, and early post-graduate levels.

We hope (a) to foster exchanges across disciplines and time, (b) to create a safe platform for students to share and discuss their research with peers and faculty across State/National/International institutions.

Platform papers are normally about 15 minutes followed by discussion.
Thematic sessions may consist of 3 or 4 presentations submitted together on a specific topic.
Abstract proposals should be 250 words maximum in the format below:

Title of paper: Bold and centered
Name of Author(s): Centered
Institution: (Department, Program, University, etc.), Full Address, Tel /Fax/ E-mail
Preceptor/Advisor: Name and title. Centered [Note: having a supervisor/ preceptor is strongly encouraged]
Body of the abstract: No indents; one line space between paragraphs, full justification
Font: Times New Roman 12
Margins: Top and Bottom1” Right and Left 1.25”
Presentation: Platform/Oral [] or Poster []. Please check one
Poster size: No larger than 4 x 4 ft.

Submission deadline: Sept 30, 2016

Submit abstract to COM-HOMSymposium@tamhsc.edu

Contact: russell@medicine.tamhsc.edu; alderete@medicine.tamhsc.edu

Please indicate if your paper has been published or presented before: Yes [] No []
If yes, provide details.

All submitted abstracts will be refereed, and acceptance notified.