Principle Investigators utilizing this core facility have two analytical instruments for their flow cytometry analyses. Both deliver quantitative data that identifies and characterizes individual cells by labeling cell surface proteins providing immunophenotypic and lineage data as well as intracellular (cytoplasmic) protein expression in diverse cell types. In addition it performs several functional assays such as apoptosis, mitochondrial membrane potential, intercellular pH, calcium flux (signal transduction), and cell cycle kinetics.

The first instrument is a two laser (20mW Blue/488nm & 25mW Red/635nm), seven parameter (5-color) Beckman-Coulter FC500 bench top analyzer with a dedicated operator or with training may be used individually.

The second is a three laser (200mW Blue/488nm, 100mW UV/351nm & 25mW Red/633nm) eleven parameter (9-color) Beckman-Coulter MoFlo XDP fluorescence activated cell sorter. This instrument is capable of sterilely separating and depositing up to four purified subsets of cells into tubes based on any of the eleven parameters at a rate of about 25,000 cells/second.