The microscopy core at the Institute of Regenerative contains state of the art microscopes and software for the use of investigators.  A Nikon xenon-based fluorescence microscope coupled with an environmental chamber allow for long duration experiments in normoxic, hyperoxic and hypoxic conditions at physiological temperature.   FRET, FRAP, cell motility and calcium imaging are made easy with the use of Nikon Elements software.  

In addition, adaptations for intravital videomicroscopy allow researchers to locate and track individual cells within living animals to quantify their survival, differentiation, cellular interactions and many other parameters.  An Olympus spinning disk confocal microscope with Slidebook, Neuroleucida and Stereo Investigator software allows researchers to easily obtain high-quality single plane of focus images.  Users can then create montage images, recreate 3D objects from individual planes, use stereological techniques to count cells and other objects, trace neurons and map regions of the brain and other organs.  Additionally, the IRM microscopy core contains additional microscopes for animal dissections and routine microscopy.