Darwin J. Prockop, MD, PhD

Darwin J. Prockop, MD, PhD

Professor and Director, Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Department of Medicine
5701 Airport Road, Module C
Temple, TX   76502

Phone: 254.771.6810
Fax: 254.771.6839

Education and Post-Graduate Training

Dr. Darwin Prockop is a professor of molecular and cellular medicine and the Stearman Chair in Genomic Medicine. He is also the director of the Texas A&M College of Medicine Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Scott & White in Temple, Texas. He received his AB in philosophy from Haverford College in 1951 and a MA in animal physiology from Brasenose College at Oxford University in 1953. He was awarded his MD from the University of Pennsylvania in 1956 and worked at the National Institutes of Health from 1956-1961 while earning a PhD in biochemistry from George Washington University. He rose to the rank of professor at the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania from 1961-72.  He was chair of biochemistry at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey from 1972-1986, chair of biochemistry and director of the Jefferson Institute for Molecular Medicine at Jefferson Medical College from 1986-1996, director of the Center for Gene Therapy at Hahnemann/Allegheny/Drexel from 1996-2000 and director of the Center for Gene Therapy at Tulane University Health Science Center from 2000-2008. Prockop has authored or co‐authored more than 500 publications, is a frequent speaker at distinguished international events pertaining to matrix biology and stem cell science, and has been awarded three honorary degrees. Amongst his many accomplishments are appointments to both the National Academy of Sciences and the National Institute of Medicine. Prockop joined the faculty at the Texas A&M University Health Science Center in August 2008.

Research Interests

Currently we are studying the adult stem/progenitor cells from bone marrow referred to as mesenchymal stem cells, multipotent stromal cells or MSCs. The cells have the remarkable ability to home to injured tissues and repair them by a variety of mechanisms that include differentiation, immune modulation, suppression of inflammation, stimulation of tissue-endogenous stem/progenitor cells, and perhaps transfer of mitochondria. The laboratory is engaged in defining the cells with a variety of techniques that include immunocytochemistry, microarrays of transcripts, and proteomics. The cells are being studied in a variety of models for human disease that include heart disease, lung diseases, diabetes, stroke, and head trauma. In addition, plans are being developed to use the cells in clinical trials in patients.

Selected Publications

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