• Achieve a cumulative 3.50 OGPA and 3.50 BCPM GPA (biological sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics) by the time of enrollment into medical school
  • Satisfy with a “B” grade or higher, the College of Medicine’s undergraduate course requirements totaling 47 semester hours
  • Score at least a 509 total score on the MCAT (82nd percentile) with no less than a 126 in each of the subsections; one retake is allowed
  • Complete clinical experiences—participate in shadow and/or health care experiences devoting at least five hours per month or a minimum of 60 hours per year
  • Complete community service activities—participate in non-health care community service devoting at least five hours per month or a minimum of 60 hours per year
  • Participate in an online seminar course specifically designed to uncover the intricacies of the medical school application and interview processes and explore the lessons, medical school curriculum and issues that describe medicine as a practice and a career
  • Participate regularly in advising sessions with the College of Medicine’s admissions office
  • Participate regularly in mentoring sessions with College of Medicine medical students
  • Interview with the College of Medicine admissions committee and be voted as approved to matriculate

Gauranteed Acceptance Into The College of Medicine

Students must apply to the College of Medicine through the Early Decision Process (EDP) requiring them to submit a medical school application no later than August 1 prior to their senior year in the Corps of Cadets. The early decision process gives students the opportunity to secure an acceptance from the College of Medicine by October 1. The guidelines for application via EDP include:

  • Apply only to the College of Medicine through Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS) by August 1
  • Submit the College of Medicine’s secondary application and all required supplemental information by August 1
  • Attend only the College of Medicine if offered a place under EDP. If a student applies to other medical schools, the acceptance is rescinded