Judith M. Ball

Judith M. Ball

Joint Associate Professor

Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine
Room 119, VMS Building
College Station, TX   77840

Phone: 979.845.7910
Fax: 979.845.9231

Education and Post-Graduate Training

Dr. Judith M. Ball is an associate professor in the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology. Ball earned her Bachelor of Science in medical technology and chemistry from Southeastern Louisiana University in 1974. She worked as a medical technologist, ASCP, until 1984 and received a PhD in biochemistry from Louisiana State University in 1990. Ball held a postdoctoral position from 1990-1992 in the Ronald C. Montelaro Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry. In 1992 she joined the Department of Microbiology at the University of Alabama-Birmingham where she worked on HIV/SIV trafficking and epithelial cell polarity in the laboratory of Dr. Richard Compans. Before joining the Texas A&M University faculty in 1997 she was a postdoctoral fellow in the Division of Molecular Virology at Baylor College of Medicine in the laboratory of Dr. Mary K. Estes from1994-1997. Her research focused on vaccinology, biochemical and immunological analyses of rotavirus and Norwalk virus. She became a joint faculty member in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine in 1998.

Research Interests

Our studies focus on the molecular and biochemical aspects of viruses with a focus on viral pathogenesis, mechanism(s) of disease, and development of novel intervention strategies. Our analyses include viral protein:host molecular interactions using yeast two-hybrid and biochemical assays, viral enterotoxin activity, intracellular viral protein transport in polarized and non-polarized cells, the role of membrane microdomains (caveolae) and vesicles in viral transport and signaling, mutagenesis of key viral proteins, peptide chemistry, laser scanning confocal imaging, TIRF and fluorescent correlation spectroscopy. The viral systems utilized include rotavirus with a focus on the rotavirus enterotoxic protein, NSP4, and unconventional trafficking, and HIV gag and pol protein transport from the cell surface to the nucleus wherein the viral genome is integrated into the host genome. The goal of the HIV studies is to block this event by interfering with key protein:protein interactions.

Selected Publications

Parr, R. D., Storey, S.M., Mitchell, D.M., McIntosh, A.L., Zhou, M., Mir, K.D., and Ball, J.M. (2006). The rotavirus enterotoxin, NSP4, directly interacts with the caveolae structural protein, caveolin-1. Journal of Virology 80: 2842-2854.

Gallegos, A.M., Storey, S.M., Kier, A.B., Schroeder, F., and Ball, J.M. (2006). Structure and Cholesterol Dynamics of Caveolae/Raft and Non-Raft Plasma Membrane Domains. Biochemistry 45: 12100-12116.

Parr, R.A., Martin, G., Schroeder, M., Kier, A., Schroeder, F., and Ball, J.M. (2007). A new N-terminal Recognition Domain in Caveolin-1 Interacts with Sterol Carrier Protein-2 (SCP-2). Biochemistry 46: 8301-8314.

Atshaves, B., McIntosh, A., Landrock, D., Payne, H., Mackie, J., Ball, J.M., Schroeder, F., and Kier, A.B. (2007). Effect of Sterol Carrier Protein X (SCP-X) Gene Ablation on Branched-Chain Fatty Acid Metabolism. Am. J. Phys. 292: G939-G951.

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Mir, K., Parr, R.D., Schroeder, F., and Ball, J.M. (2007). Rotavirus NSP4 Binds Both the Amino- and Carboxyl- Termini of Caveolin-1.Virus Research 126: 106-115.

Storey, S.M., Gibbons, T.F., Williams, C.V., Parr, R.D., Schroeder, F., and Ball, J.M. (2007).  Full-length, glycosylated NSP4 is localized to plasma membrane caveolae by a novel raft isolation technique.  Journal of Virology 81; 5472-5483.

Schroeder, F., Atshaves, B.P., McIntosh, A.L., Martin, G.G., A.L., Gallegos, A.M., Storey, S.S., Parr, R.D., Jefferson, J.R.,Ball, J.M., Kier, A.B. (2007) Sterol carrier protein-2: New roles in regulating lipid rafts and signaling.  Biochemica et Biophysica Acta 1771: 700-718.

Gallegos, A.M., Atshaves, B.P., McIntosh, A.L., Storey, S.M., Ball, J.M., Kier, A.B., and Schroeder, F. (2008). Membrane Domain Distributions: Analysis of Fluorescence Sterol Exchange Kinetics. Current Analytical Chemistry 4: 1-7.

Martin, G.G., Hostetler, H.A., Tichy, S.E., Russell, D.H., Berg, J.M., Woldegiorgis, G., Spencer, T.A., Ball, J.M., Kier, A.B., and Schroeder, F. (2008). Structure and function of the sterol carrier protein-2 (SCP-2) N-terminal pre-sequence. Biochemistry 47: 5915-5934.

Ball, J.M., Parr, R.D., and Schutt, E.E. (2008) Genetic, Structural and Functional Analyses of Rotavirus NSP4. In:Structure and Molecular Biology of Segmented Double-Stranded RNA Viruses, J. Patton, ed. pp. 307-332, Caister Academic Press, Norfolk.