The Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine is committed to providing research opportunities for undergraduate and medical students. Most laboratories in the department provide one to two undergraduates with the opportunity to participate in ongoing research projects each year. For the individual student one or more of the following may apply:

Research Experience for Credit

Many undergraduate science majors at Texas A&M require 485 (problems) or 491 (research) credit for graduation. In some cases, these credits can be obtained by working in one of our laboratories during the academic year or during the summer session. Contact your undergraduate adviser to see if your major allows 485/491 hours to be obtained outside of your major department. If so, review the faculty research summaries in our department and contact the individuals whose projects most interest you.

Student Worker/Work Study

These are paid positions and the responsibilities can range from routine laboratory maintenance (preparing solutions, media etc.) to assisting faculty/postdoctoral fellows/graduate students in their individual research projects. In the summer these positions are open to students who are attending schools other than Texas A&M University. In the past years, students from Rice, Princeton, Cal Tech and the University of Texas at Austin have found positions within the department. Contact the individual faculty directly to inquire about the availability of student worker/work study positions.

Summer Undergraduate Research Program

The College of Medicine offers a Summer Undergraduate Research Program that gives individuals the opportunity to work in an academic laboratory and perform a research project during the summer.  Visit the SRP website for more information.