The Texas A&M College of Medicine offers a combined training program leading to both MD and PhD degrees. The purpose of this program is to provide research training for highly motivated medical students planning careers in academic medicine.

To accomplish this, our program integrates the studies and requirements for both the MD and PhD.

Such training produces medical scientists with a valuable, and well-balanced, ability to relate their study of clinical medicine with basic biomedical science and provide unique insights into human disease processes.

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The MD/PhD program typically requires seven to eight years to complete. Students entering the program are enrolled in the summer semester eight weeks prior to medical school orientation. Additionally, all MD/PhD students are required to participate in MSCI 620/920 (The Scientific Basis of Medicine) and are encouraged to attend at least one research seminar per week to assist in identifying a major discipline area for graduate training. These aspects also further develop critical analysis skills as well as facilitate interaction and dialogue between peers and MD/PhD trained faculty.

Lastly, we are dedicated to developing outstanding physician-scientists who excel in their field and are competitive at the national, and international level. To this end, the program is designed to meet the individual educational needs of students while promoting excellence.


Student Spotlight

Meet one of our students: Tejaswini Reddy