Andreea Trache, PhD

Andreea Trache, PhD

Associate Professor, Medical Physiology

Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Texas A&M University
349A Reynolds Medical Building
College Station, TX   77843-1114

Phone: 979.436.0826
Fax: 979.862.4638

Education and Post-Graduate Training

1985-1989, BS, Physics, University of Bucharest

1993-1996, PhD, Physics, Institute of Atomic Physics, Romania

Research Interest

Experimental Biophysics, Biomechanics, Microscopy

The research in Dr. Andreea Trache's laboratory focuses on the study of cellular responses to mechano-chemical stresses from a biophysical perspective. Biophysics research represents an applied field of science at the interface of physics, biology, engineering, and medicine.

Transmission of force is a classical physical concept applied to the study of live cell dynamics, intracellular protein translocation, and transduction of mechanical signals along intracellular pathways. Mechanical forces are important stimuli and determinants of many cell functions including contraction, proliferation, migration, and cell attachment. Relatively little is known about how cells sense and integrate mechanical forces at the molecular level to induce intracellular signaling. Thus, we are interested in studying in real-time the molecular mechanisms responsible for altering the intracellular cytoskeletal force balance and the effect of mechanotransduction on the reorganization of cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesion sites. To conduct these studies, we developed new microscopy techniques with unique capabilities that enable real-time study of cell behavior in response to mechanical stimulation. We aim to gain insights into the fundamental biophysical principles of cellular adaptation to the microenvironment by using non-traditional integrative experimental approaches. We are interested in developing microscopy technologies with unique capabilities that are broadly applicable across various fields of biological research.

Our lab uses live vascular cells as a model system because endothelial and smooth muscle cells reside 'in vivo' in a mechanically active environment that is continuously changing. Using real-time imaging of live cells is the only way to directly monitor cellular responses to mechano-chemical stimulation. Moreover, single-cell imaging experiments allow discrete measurements of transient microscopic events that may be masked by a macroscopic average behavior, and will aid in understanding such behavior.

Selected Publications

  • H Sreenivasappa, S Chaki, SM Lim, JP Trzeciakowski, MW Davidson, GM Rivera, Andreea Trache. Selective regulation of cytoskeletal tension and cell-matrix adhesion by RhoA and Src. Integr Biol (Camb). 2014 Jul 21;6(8):743-654. PMID 24984203.
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