Primary Appointment

  • Dr. William H. Griffith - Professor and Department Chair
    Neuropharmacology of aging
  • Dr. Gregg C. Allen - Instructional Assistant Professor
    Medical Education; Neurobiology of Mammalian Circadian Rhythms
  • Dr. Shameena Bake - Research Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Paul C. Brandt - Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Academic Technology
    Glucocorticoid and sex steroid mediates signal tranduction
  • Dr. Wei-Jung A. Chen - Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
    Effects of substance abuse (alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, etc.) on the developing brain
  • Dr. Diane Chico - Associate Professor
    Medical Education; Development of educational anatomy videos
  • Dr. Dustin DuBoise - Research Assistant Professor
  • Dr. David J. Earnest - Professor
    Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology of the Mammalian Circadian Rhythm
  • Dr. Jonathan A. Friedman - Regional Associate Chair of Surgery
    Neurosurgery specializing in complex intracranial surgery; research interest in neural regeneration following spinal cord injury
  • Dr. Cédric G. Geoffroy - Assistant Professor
    Spinal Cord Injury
  • Dr. Michelle Hook - Assistant Professor
    Effects of morphine on recovery of function after spinal injury
  • Dr. John K. Hubbard - Instructional Associate Professor
    Medical Education; Utilization of physical modalities as facilitators for bone and soft tissue healing
  • Dr. Gary C. McCord - Clinical Professor and Associate Dean for Student Affairs
    Medical Education; Computerized applications for detection of calcifications on mammograms
  • Dr. Rajesh C. Miranda - Professor
    Fetal Brain development, stem cells, microRNAs and teratology
  • Dr. David Murchison - Research Assistant Professor
  • Dr. D. Samba Reddy - Professor
    Epilepsy, Neurosteroids, and New Drug Development
  • Dr. Mendell Rimer- Associate Professor
    Mechanisms underlying the formation, maintenance and pathology of synapses
  • Dr. Amutha Selvamani - Reserach Assistant Professor 
  • Dr. Lee A. Shapiro - Associate Professor 
  • Dr. Farida Sohrabji - Professor and Associate Department Chair
    Impact of aging and estrogen replacement on the blood brain barrier, stroke and neuroinflammation
  • Dr. Laura N. Smith - Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Rahul Srinivasan - Assistant Professor
    Neurodegeneration, Parkinson's disease, astrocytes and nicotine neuroprotection
  • Dr. Gerard Toussaint- Assistant Professor
    Neurosurgery; Research interest: Glioblastoma biology
  • Dr. Jun Wang - Assistant Professor
    Neuropsychiatric Disorders
  • Dr. Ursula H. Winzer-Serhan - Associate Professor
    Effects of nicotine on brain development
  • Dr. Xin Wu - Research Assistant Professor

Professors Emeritus

  • Dr. George C.Y. Chiou - Professor Emeritus
    Ocular pharmacology and translational research on macular degeneration
  • Dr. Gerald D. Frye - Professor Emeritus
    Neuropharmacologic, cellular and molecular mechanisms of drug intoxication
  • Dr. James R. West - Distinguished Professor Emeritus
    Neuroteratology of Drugs of Abuse

Joint Appointment

  • Greg Bix, MD, PhD
  • Paul Hicks, MD, PhD
  • Kathryn Kotrla, MD
  • Gregg Wells, MD, PhD
  • Keith Young, PhD

Adjunct Appointment

  • Timothy Cudd, PhD
  • Melinda Jezierski, MD, PhD
  • Gladys Ko, PhD
  • Jane Welsh, PhD
  • Bo Xuan, MD