Updated on September 2006

  • I. Purpose of the Procedures
    1. The purpose of the Academic Council Procedures is to establish the procedural guidelines for College of Medicine administrative governance.
    2. These procedures are supplemental to the College of Medicine By-Laws.
    3. In the event of conflicts between these procedures and governance documents or procedures applicable to the college at large, college governance documents and procedures shall take precedence. In the event that such conflicts are identified, these procedures shall be amended to eliminate the conflict.
  • II. Membership
    Academic Council voting members include:
    1. Dean, College of Medicine, chair
    2. Associate Deans
    3. Assistant Deans
    4. Department Heads
    5. Faculty Advisory Committee members from each academic department

    Academic Council non-voting members include:
    1. Director, Medical Sciences Library
  • III. Regular Meetings
    1. The Academic Council shall hold at least four meetings per year either via video-conference or in person.
    2. Meetings are held quarterly at 4 p.m. on the first Thursday in March, June, September and December, unless otherwise changed.
    3. The March meeting will be held in College Station only.
    4. The September meeting will be held in Temple only.
    5. The June and December meetings will be held via video-conference.
    6. The time and place for the meetings shall be sent to all Academic Council members via email.
    7. Regular meetings shall be scheduled in advance for the entire academic year.
    8. No member may vote in absentia or without being present for the discussion that leads up to the vote. Department heads may designate a member of the faculty to vote on behalf of the department should the department head not be able to attend Academic Council.
    9. Meeting protocol to assist the dean's assistant:
      • Action items are due to the Office of the Dean two weeks prior to the meeting.
      • Action items may be added to the agenda after the deadline with approval from the dean.
      • All agenda items shall be submitted electronically to the dean's assistant.
      • The agenda, information items, and actions items will be circulated electronically to all members of the academic council one week prior to the meeting.
      • A sign-in sheet will be provided at the meeting locations. For meetings held in locations other than College Station, the sign-in sheet will be sent one day prior to the meeting.

    Parking passes will be provided for those coming from Temple.

  • IV. Special Meetings
    1. Special meetings are designed to deal with important matters that arise between regular meetings and that urgently require action by the Academic Council. Only business detailed in the notice of the meeting may be transacted at such meetings.
    2. Special meetings:
      • May be called by the dean;
      • Require that notice be given of the time, place and exact purpose of the meeting. The notice shall be emailed to all the members at least three days in advance of the meeting.
  • V. Agenda
    1. The Academic Council agenda shall be prepared by the Office of the Dean in consultation with the dean.
    2. Any member of the Academic Council may request inclusion of any item of business on the agenda if submitted to the Dean’s Assistant by any council member two weeks in advance of the meeting. Such a request must be submitted in writing to the dean who will either honor or deny the request.
    3. An agenda specifying the items for consideration (including available supporting documents) and minutes of the previous meeting shall be distributed electronically to the members one week before the meeting.
    4. Every agenda will include an item for old business and an item for new business, with the exception of special meetings called to consider a single issue.
    5. Every agenda will include a report from each standing committee.Committee chairs shall submit reports electronically as they become available.
  • VI. Meetings
    1. Minutes of all Academic Council meetings shall be taken by the dean’s assistant, or designee, and made available to the members.
    2. Minutes shall be filed in the Office of the Dean within one week of their approval.
    3. Minutes shall also be posted on the password-protected section of the College of Mediine website.
    4. Standing committees shall email each report to the dean’s assistant for inclusion in the minutes.
  • VII. Standing Committees
    1. The Standing Committees of the Academic Council shall include the following and any additional committees as recommended by the council and approved by the dean:
      • Admissions Committee
      • Curriculum Committee
      • Executive Committee
      • Faculty Advisory Committee
      • Graduate Instruction Committee
      • Research Advisory Council
      • Student Promotions Committee
      • Appointment, Promotions and Tenure Committee
      • Veterans' Administration Dean's Committee
    2. Standing committees shall electronically submit a meeting agenda and the previous meeting minutes to the dean’s assistant at least one week prior to a meeting for circulation to members of the Academic Council.
    3. Standing committees shall submit an annual report to the Academic Council.
    4. Standing committees shall present recommendations to the Academic Council for approval.Recommendations shall be presented electronically to the dean at least two weeks prior to the meeting so they may be circulated to the Academic Council members.
    5. The Council may create and dissolve standing committees.