The Texas A&M College of Medicine recognizes that in order to achieve its mission and to support the medical education needs of the State of Texas, it must actively commit to strategies, policies and practices that support recruitment and retention of a diverse population of students, faculty and staff. To ensure the cultivation of a positive working and learning environment and a climate supportive of diversity, the College of Medicine does not condone nor allow discrimination, bullying, harassment, exclusion, and racist, sexist or discriminatory remarks during the conduct of college business.

  • Diversity Goals

    The college endeavors to increase the employment of women and underrepresented minorities among its faculty, and increase the enrollment of underrepresented minorities in the student body. The college recognizes that available applicant pools for admissions and employment may not mirror state demographics. However, the college’s ultimate goal is to achieve employment and enrollment that represents the demographics of the population of the state.

  • Implementation

    To achieve its diversity goals the college shall actively pursue recruitment and admissions strategies as defined, maintained and administered through the Office of Admissions, the Dean’s Diversity Task Force, and the specific strategies and tactics defined in the college’s strategic plan, as well as any additional and vetted recruitment and retention measures initiated by departments within the college.

  • Diversity Statement

    The Texas A&M College of Medicine is committed to the important role of diversity in the training of future medical professionals. We believe that diversity enhances our ability to provide care and serve communities across a broad range of racial and ethnic groups and is critical for the amelioration of disparities in health care. Commitment to diversity requires the identification, recruitment, selection, matriculation and graduation of qualified medical students from different racial, ethnic and/or disadvantaged backgrounds. These efforts, in turn, will increase the number of physicians available to serve the nation's burgeoning minority and underserved populations while raising the general cultural competence of all physicians. Furthermore, we believe that diversity is not solely limited to race and ethnicity, but also encompasses talents, life skills, and special attributes.

    For recruitment and programmatic purposes, the college specifically intends to achieve recruitment, retention and graduation of medical and graduate students from different racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

  • Equality and Non-Discrimination Statement

    The Texas A&M College of Medicine recognizes that individuals may experience discrimination or lack of opportunity due to race, religion, creed, color, national and ethnic origin, political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status, responsibility for dependents, social class, or income level. The College of Medicine is committed to equality of opportunity and to respect of the identity, rights and value of each individual.

    To this end the College of Medicine will: Aim to create a culture that respects and values differences and recognizes that difference/diversity is an asset to the college’s success, the success of our students, and to the people we serve. The college will ensure all employees, affiliated faculty, and students are made aware of, and are encouraged to support, the objectives within this policy.

    When possible, college committees, particularly committees engaged in admissions, searches and interviewing processes, shall endeavor to include individuals representing diversity in gender, race and ethnicity.

    All employees, affiliated faculty and students shall be made aware of the college’s Policy on Diversity and Equality. The college shall annually provide employee training on diversity or diversity related topics such as cultural competence and equal opportunity.

    Employees or students of the College of Medicine have a responsibility to report incidents of harassment or discrimination to the chief of staff or directly to the dean.

    Employees of the college will comply with The Texas A&M University System, Texas A&M Health Science Center and College of Medicine policies governing equal employment opportunity including but not limited to: