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Pre-Med Fellows Program

Pre-Med Fellows Program

About the Program

The Texas A&M College of Medicine created the Pre-Med Fellows program in 2015, as part of a grant with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Students who are accepted into this program, and successfully meet the requirements, will be given automatic admission to the Texas A&M College of Medicine and will be expected to commit to the Texas A&M College of Medicine for medical school.

This program is designed for underrepresented students who are committed to pursuing medical school. However, it is not exclusive to underrepresented students in medicine. Additionally this program is designed to accelerate the process and prepare Pre-Med students to be highly competitive medical school students by introducing them to experiences and opportunities to prepare them for a career in medicine.

The program is open to all Texas A&M University students who meet the requirements. It is funded out of the tobacco settlement, money that was subsequently designated for educational purposes for African American and Hispanic students since those populations were disproportionately targeted by tobacco advertising, and they continue to be underrepresented and underserved in medicine.

Those students selected for the program will have the opportunity to begin medically relevant activities such as attending simulation activities, lectures and student-led programs in the College of Medicine at the Texas A&M University Health Science Center. As part of this program, participants will also have a current medical school student as a mentor, and enroll in a MCAT prep course (such as Kaplan or Princeton Review) free of charge. This program will select upto 10 students.

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