The award consist of a College of Medicine plaque, the announcement of the award at a special ceremony in the fall, and a monetary award of $3,000. The award is to recognize, encourage and reward those individuals whose research efforts have been particularly successful and outstanding and are so recognized locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. The results of their research efforts should have contributed to the improvement of the quality of life and/or encouraged additional research, and/or added to the basic body of knowledge.


Senior Investigator
To be eligible, a person must have completed five full years of service to the college. Once receiving an award, an individual is ineligible to receive another award for a 10-year period.

Junior Investigator
To be eligible, a person must have completed three full years of service to the college. A Junior Investigator will usually be at the rank of assistant professor or recently promoted to associate professor. Once receiving an award, an individual is ineligible to receive another award for a 10-year period.

Nomination Process

There are four steps in deciding upon recipients of the Excellence in Research Award: (1) Solicitation of nominations, (2) Preparation and submission of nomination materials, (3) Review of nomination by the Research Advisory Committee, and (4) Recommending a recipient to the dean.

Faculty should submit names of potential candidates for this award to their department chair, and nomination packages should come only from department chairs. For each nomination, submit all materials electronically to the Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies to Mary Ann Wolff

The Contents of each nomination packet should be as follows:

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Letter of Nomination (limited to four pages)
  3. Biographical Data
      • Name of nominee
      • Current position (title, rank, department, or unit)
      • Number of years in this position
      • Number of years at Texas A&M College of Medicine
      • Degrees held (source and date)
      • Employment history (previous positions, years; lost most recent first)
      • Honors and awards
      • Membership in professional and honorary societies (note offices held)
      • List of articles and books published and professional accomplishments within the last five years (if there are particularly significant accomplishments before the last five years, those should be included in the letter of nomination.
  4. No more than six letters of endorsement (letters from significant people outside the university have a greater impact than internal letters of support)
  5. A reprint of no more than three outstanding publications or equivalent evidence of professional accomplishment.

Selection Process

  1. The Research Advisory Committee is called together by the associate dean as soon as possible after the submission deadline.
  2. Care will be taken to insure that all members of the committee fully understand the unusual significance of the award and the necessity for maintaining the integrity of the award.
  3. Individuals who are nominated for awards may not serve on the selection committee.
  4. After reviewing all nomination packets, the committee will rank the nominees and the nominee receiving most votes will be forwarded to the dean.

Past Award Winners

2015 Samba Reddy Research Award - Senior
2015 Sarah Bondos Research Award - Junior
2014 Hubi Amrein Research Award - Senior
2014 Carl Gregory Research Award - Junior
2013 Jon Skare Research Award - Senior
2011 Kayla Bayless Research Award - Junior
2010 James E. Samuel Research Award - Senior
2010 Helene L. Andrews-Polymenis Research Award - Junior
2009 Geoffrey Kapler Research Award
2008 Gianfranco Alpini Research Award - Senior
2006 George Chiou Research Award - Senior
2006 Seifgried Musser Research Award - Junior
2005 George E. Davis Research Award
2005 Gerald A. Meininger Research Award - Senior
2004 Alan Parrish Research Award
2004 Farida Sohrabji Research Award
2002 Rajesh C. Miranda Research Award
2002 Michael J. Davis Research Award
2001 Arthur E. Johnson Research Award - Senior
2001 Andreas J. Baeumler Research Award - Junior
2000 Carlos N. Pace Research Award - Senior
2000 David N. McMurray Research Award - Senior
2000 Sarah Y. Yuan Research Award
1999 Mark A. Satterwhite Research Award
1998 J. Martin Scholtz Research Award
1998 James West Research Award - Senior